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The Moulton Bicycle Company
Holt Road
Bradford on Avon
BA15 1AH

Tel: +44(0)1225 865895
Fax: +44(0)1225 864742

General enquiries: office@moultonbicycles.co.uk
Sales & Support: sales@moultonbicycles.co.uk
Technical queries: tech@moultonbicycles.co.uk



Spares and Service: Please note that we are unable to provide spare parts or service information for Moulton bicycles manufactured prior to 1980. The Moulton Bicycle Club (www.moultoneers.info) and its sister organisation, Moulton Preservation, will be able to assist with these enquiries.

Test Rides: If you would like to test ride a Moulton Bicycle, please contact the Moulton Bicycle Company in advance to arrange a ride around the test track in Bradford on Avon.

To find a Moulton dealer in your area, please see our Dealer List. For related links, please see our Links page.

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