The Moulton CONE Special Edition is a celebration of sixty years of Alex Moulton's rubber cone spring design. First used as a suspension spring on the classic Mini car in 1959, much of the Mini's remarkable handling and road-holding has been attributed to its revolutionary Moulton rubber suspension.

The Mini became the most successful British car of all time, with nearly five and half million built over a forty year production run. Moulton still supply original cone springs for the repair and restoration of these iconic and inimitable cars.


The Moulton bicycle - having always featured full suspension right from the beginning in 1962 - gained the cone spring on the rear suspension in 1983 and still uses a modified version today. The use of rubber as a suspension medium is beneficial in many ways including durability, lack of 'stiction', tunable rising-rate characteristics and damping through natural hysteresis.

The Moulton CONE has all the essential Moulton features - small wheels and full suspension for comfort and road-holding, stiff open frame for unisex use, a range of luggage options and a space-frame that separates in less than a minute for ease of stowage and transportation.

  The Moulton CONE with the original Moulton Cone Springs for the Mini - over 15 million were made.



  • Moulton space-frame design, fillet-brazed construction in Columbus Spirit and Reynolds steels.
  • Stainless-steel dropouts front and rear - brushed finish.
  • Moulton leading-link front suspension, unicrown fork.
  • Moulton rubber-cone 'Monosphere' rear suspension.
  • Easily and quickly separable into two parts.
  • SRAM X7 9 speed transmission, 31 - 91" gear range.
  • Upholstered leather saddle and perforated leather ergonomic grips.
  • Front pannier carrier, front platform carrier, large rear carrier and rear day bag carrier available as options.
  • Weight 11.2 kg / 24.5 lb.
  • Colours: Riviera Blue or Bright Red finish.

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