Below are some of the reviews and testimonials of the Moulton Bicycle.




TSR 2 Moulton


i bike london Mar 2011
"Beautifully built, wonderfully designed"

"When I took the TSR2 for a test ride around Hammersmith I was wary of just what all the fuss was about. My friendly Moulton enthusiast who I rode with is so passionate about the bikes that I was instantly sceptical (I’m always sceptical of enthusiasts!) By the end of the ride however all feelings of scepticism had evaporated; this is a beautifully built, wonderfully designed, great fun bike – and I want one!"

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Cycling Plus Feb 2007
"9/10: Amazing design that produces a wonderful ride"

"The attention to detail is amazing, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and the performance is wonderful. In a world where mass-produced frames and ill-conceived and realised carbon composite frames are held as being the best thing since sliced bread, there has to be an alternative. It turns out that true British craftsmanship and 'outside of the box' design can make a performance machine and a real head-turner all in one go. What a refreshing and most welcome change this Moulton is".

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Velo Vision Dec 2007
"It's like riding a finely-tuned musical instrument"

"When one of our rides took us across an unsurfaced bridleway, the effectiveness of the Moulton's suspension became absolutely apparent. Swapping bikes with a rider on a 26" - wheeled unsuspended machine the difference was night and day: a harsh, tooth-rattling ride on one, and smooth, unrattled progress on the Moulton Esprit [...] This instrument is tuned for day-riding for pleasure, offering a fast yet comfortable ride over any sort of terrain a road cyclist might encounter. It's light, rigid and responsive".

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Cycling Today Aug 2000
"The best things come in small packages"

"The honest truth? Initially, the CT testers were a bit cynical about small wheels. After all, small things are slow, aren't they? And to be honest, Moultons do look slow to most cyclists. But if given the opportunity to ride a Moulton bike, take it. We've not had so much two-wheeled fun in years [...] Aside from being excellent fun and a conceptual leap away from anything you will have ever ridden, Moultons are impressive performers in any context, especially as full-dress tourers where comfort and speed is almost surreal".

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James Dyson, Designer

"Looking at his intriguing bicycles you can see that Alex Moulton challenges and questions every part of the design. His aim is clear: to make lighter, safer and more comfortable bicycles whilst improving speed. Good design is about how something works, not just how it looks, which is why I like the Moulton bike so much. The New Series Speed is a spectacular design".

The Moulton Bicycle is one of Dyson's ''Design Icons'.




Norman Foster, Architect

"The Moulton bicycle is a classic piece of British design. My own model is in aircraft grade stainless steel. An aesthetic object, it is also a delight to use - flexible, responsive and comfortable to ride. Like other engineered objects that I find exciting, it's appearance and performance are indivisible - it has a kind of sparse beauty."

Norman Foster nominated the Moulton Bicycle as "The Best of British" classic design.


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